CallSaver is the easiest way to join a conference call from your iPhone or Apple Watch. By saving your conference bridge number as well as pins and passwords you can join a call with only a tap.

Saved Calls

Store conference bridge numbers, pins, and passwords together for one tap dialing.


Sync calls and conference bridge to all of your devices.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch app to start a call directly from the Apple Watch.


How do I add a new call?

Tap the plus button in the top right corner to add a new call.

What are call steps, waits, and pauses?

A call step is a number or sequence add to your phone number. A wait will stop all call steps until you press another button. A pause will temporarily stop call step execution before continuing to the next step

How do I reorder or edit call steps?

Tap the detail button to the right of a call. Then drag call steps to reorder or tap to edit them.

Where can I find your privacy policy?

Right here

What if my question wasn’t answered here?

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