No Knotmeter no problem!

BoatSpeed uses your iPhone and Apple Watch’s GPS to display your current speed and location.



BoatSpeed includes a Knotmeter to monitor your speed throughout your voyage. The speed reported by your device’s GPS is shown on the gauge. For the best results, use BoatSpeed outside with a clear view of the sky.

Bearing Compass

BoatSpeed features a bearing compass to help you stay on course. As you move, the deviation from your bearing will be shown in red. Use the speed and compass buttons to quickly switch modes.

Average Speed and Speed Chart

BoatSpeed displays your average speed and charts your speed throughout your voyage.

Apple Watch

BoatSpeed uses the compass and GPS built into Apple Watch to show your heading in addition to your current, max, and average speed. Swipe left on the heading to switch between current heading and location.

Automatic Night Mode

BoatSpeed can automatically switch themes based on your iPhone’s settings.


How does BoatSpeed work?

BoatSpeed uses your iPhone or iPad’s built in sensors and instruments to display your location and heading.

How Accurate is BoatSpeed?

BoatSpeed is most accurate when outside with a clear view of the sky. You can expect similar accuracy to other mobile navigation applications.

Why is BoatSpeed jumping around a lot?

The speed displayed in BoatSpeed can change significantly if your device has a poor GPS signal. To resolve this issue, make sure you have a clear view of the sky and your battery is fully charged.

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